Government sources said the decision to submit the bid in the initial letter of intent next month

26 May 2010

Hong Kong in 2000 Asian Games in 2006, but was eventually won the right to host the Doha

BEIJING, May 26 Xinhua Hong Kong’s Wen Wei Po, a Hong Kong SAR Government will host the Asian Games in 2019 or 2023 of the Hong Kong public attention. Sources said the Government decided to submit the bid at the end of next month’s preliminary letter of intent, was to consult the District Councils, and sports organizations.

It is reported that the Government believes that hosting the Asian Games sports development in Hong Kong, the benefit of society as a whole, is actively assessing the situation of Hong Kong’s sports facilities, including the need for the construction of new facilities or renovation of existing facilities, and consider inviting neighboring Co feasibility of the project.

Sources pointed out that East Asian Games held in Hong Kong last year, have achieved a record of athletic performance, but also a very good social and economic benefits, so the sports sector and the community, even legislators have strong appeal, and funding required to support the SAR government bid to host the 2019 Asian Games.

In response to these strong demands in the past few months the Government conducted a preliminary assessment, that if the bid to host the Asian Games, Hong Kong people can arouse the interest and attention in sports, so that more young people to participate and unite people of Hong Kong; in the Asian Games held period, also attract tourists from around the world, the tourism industry will also help bring about positive, so the Administration decided to support the SF & OC’s bid.

Meanwhile, the SAR Government has also assessed the end of the year will be held in Guangzhou Asian Games in Guangzhou found that, after the successful bid to build 11 new venues needed to meet the 42 projects and received 10 000 athletes, it is believed that once Hong Kong successful bid would bring a number of major projects to start, even though the end may be in Hong Kong and Macau, Shenzhen, jointly organized with Hong Kong also have to build 10 new stadiums and renovation of some existing stadiums in Hong Kong to meet the level of the Asian Games competition , the bid for construction workers in Hong Kong to provide a large number of infrastructure jobs.

The source added that the government departments concerned to submit a preliminary letter of intent after the end of next month will launch a comprehensive public consultation, consultation include the District Councils, and sports organizations. The source explained to submit a preliminary letter of intent prior to full consultation, because the bid to go through two steps, first, at the end of next month to pay 10,000 U.S. dollars before the deadline, your intent to bid to obtain official bid form; the second was before the end of the book to submit a formal bid, between the two stages of time for nearly 6 months after in-depth study of Hong Kong to make the final decision.

He said that in accordance with the provisions of the Asian Games sports competitions must include the 28 Olympic events including track and field and swimming, while the host city can increase up to seven with their own characteristics, such as the Asian Games in Guangzhou this year alone, 14 one Asian features projects, including for the first time to join the dance, dragon boat, and roller skating; if our bid is successful, the project will consider adding the optional features of Hong Kong’s elite athletes have certain advantages, such as bowling, martial arts, squash, table tennis and the growing popularity sports, dance, popular in recent years of young people in Hong Kong lion activities also taken into account, this can further promote elite sport, to increase opportunities for Hong Kong Team Aspen can meet the tastes of the public as well as tourists.




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